Texas Day 4: Drake Joins

We planned to get an earlier start Tuesday morning but it didn’t really work out. Pumpkin got up fairly early and she and I got some cereal and pop tarts. Heah, Bean and Peanut slept in for quite a while before their breakfasts. I got a little run in but the heat and my little bit of a sun burn made it pretty brief. Eventually we made it to the beach.


We built a castle,

did some body boarding

played in the surf


and found a sand dollar, a little crab and a big scary looking jelly fish.

Around 1 we came back to the house to clean off the sand and eat sandwiches and Cheetos. Once the tummys were full it was nap time.

Heath got a nap and Bean took a good nap but Pumpkin never fell asleep. Kelly, Chris and Drake showed up and got settled in a bit then we went to the pool. Heath and Bean slept some more but we took Pumpkin and the boys with us. After playing in the pool a bit we headed to the beach.

Peanut and Carl rode the waves the whole time, Drake rushed into the waves and tried to eat sand.

We hung out and played in the waves and the sand until our stomachs started grumbling.

We headed home and got cleaned up quick. Heath had made guac while we were gone and we dug in.

Pops had stuck a pork tenderloin in the crock pot and it was about ready to go.

(Yes, that is bacon)

We also had peas and carrots. Everyone was hungry and ate good. We played for a while after dinner

then Pumpkin got crabby and went to bed. Drake went shortly later and the rest of us headed to the roof to watch the sun set.

We hung out up there for a while then walked the neighborhood to show Chris and Kelly around. We hung out a bunch in the great room after drinking and talking. Then we got tired and headed to bed.

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