Texas Day 5: Lots Of The Beach


It’s a bit ridiculous to say but this morning my alarm went off at 5:55 am.

on purpose

I got up and got dressed for a run and checked on Heath in bed. She needed some running clothes and they were all in the laundry on the 2nd floor. I tried the door, then my key, then the elevator and was able to quietly rescue the clothes. Heath got dressed and we headed to the still dark beach. We parked hopped out and started a nice jog headed eastish.

We ran quite a ways at first and the sky slowly got lighter and lighter. There were clouds on the horizon so we didn’t really get to watch the sun rise but it was nice and cool and the breeze was good and the beach was pretty empty. We ended up running some and walking some about 2.5 miles to a pier. We went out on the pier and looked around some and took a few pictures.

That last building you can see on the above picture is where we started.

We ran some on the way back but got kinda tired and walked quite a bit. It was very sunny and pretty hot when we finally made our way back to the van. I was super thirsty.

Bean was just waking up when we got back and Heath fed her. Pumpkin woke up in all the commotion of us getting home and feeding Bean and Heath taking a shower. We came to the great room for Pop’s coffee, bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes and fruit. We hung out a while after breakfast then ran some errands. The girls feet were pretty plain so we headed to Hot Nails for some color for them. Pops and I dropped them off and we went to the grocery and liquor store for more supplies. On the way home we picked up the girls.

We unloaded and had a few beers then made some lunch. The kids ate good then we headed back the beach and decided to skip Pumpkin’s nap. We played at the beach all afternoon. Sand, water, kids, etc.

We also took a bunch of good pictures of big family and little families.








After the beach we were pretty worn out so headed home to get out of the sun and relax. We took showers and played around the house. After a while Pops cooked up burgers, dogs and beans, Annie made shells and cheese and we had some rotel and stuff. We were all really hungry and ate a bunch.


After dinner Drake went to bed and the rest of the tired kids screwed around and tried to act not tired.

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  1. DB says:

    Chris have you tried that body/boogie boarding? I remember having a really good time doing that in Cancun and been wanting to revisit it. Go try it so I live through you. You’ll need to be very descriptive when explaining your experience so I can relive it and make it my own.


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