Texas Day 6: The Aquarium


It was super windy and pretty dark and cloudy Thursday morning when we got going.

We took our time and then got dressed and headed into Corpus Christ. It was a bit of a drive but then we got there and hit the Texas State Aquarium.




Right when we got in the Dolphin Show was about to start. We found a spot to see and then they got busy.



The show was pretty good. Afterwords we went to the otter show and it was not that good. Then we went to pet some rays.


We also saw the turtles and alligator and some raptors.


Then we saw an aircraft carrier and headed inside.


Once inside we saw lots of animals and it was nice and cool.





We left the aquarium with pretty hungry tummies and pretty tired kids. We only drove a few miles to the Whataburger but Pumpkin and Drake were already asleep when we got there. I got Pumpkin out of the car but she went right back to sleep on me. So we let her sleep and I ate a really tasty double with jalapenos one handed.

After lunch we headed back to the house, Pumpkin woke up and ate her food on the way. Once there we got dressed and headed back to the beach.

We played a bunch and splashed a bunch and dug a bunch.


Then we took a bunch of fun pictures.


Then we headed back to the house and got showered and dressed up and ready for dinner. On the way to dinner we stopped by the beach and took some nice clothes pictures.




Then we headed to dinner. We got to the Mexican place but there was an hour wait. So we found another place and went there. It was a little bit of a crazy place with a crazy menu. Heath and I split 2 plates of enchiladas, burrito, rice, beans, fish, pico and salad. Ours was really good.

After dinner we got the kids in bed and hung out and had some drinks and looked at pictures from the trip.

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