Texas Day 7: Pack it in

Our last day we had a lot to do. After breakfast we headed to the beach. I had boogie boarded some and it was a lot of fun but Peanut was really into it.

We would wade out a ways into the water and wait for a good wave. When one was just about to break we would dive onto the board and ride it in as far as we could. Peanut barely came into shore just ridding waves over and over.

He did come in Friday though to help us build the castle.

Actually everyone chipped in.

We picked a spot very close to the water where a weird little natural cliff in the sand was.

It was a risky spot but we wanted the challenge. We dug out a lake to help slow down the waves and then built a big wall and moat around the castle.

Once we had it built well we decorated with lots of gaurd towers and stuff

While building the tower I plated some with the fisheye lens.

It got fairly late and we were getting pretty hungry so headed home for lunch. We ate a bunch then Pumpkin and I laid down for naps. We both got really good naps in. Then we packed the house a little bit and went back to the beach.

We had slept so long there was not a lot of time left but we made the most of it and Heath and I played a lot with the girls in the sand and water. After about an hour we headed back and packed. We packed and packed and cleaned and picked up and got ready to go. Pops cooked and cooked and donated a bunch of food and beer and wine to us. Eventually we got our room like new and our van well filled. We ate a giant dinner of chicken, pasta, salad and more.

After dinner we said goodbyes and hit the road. We stopped in Corpus Christi and used the bathroom and tried to buy a bunch of Lone Star bottles but could not find any.

Camera 360

The kids watched Kung Fu Panda and Heath drove then all of us but her went to sleep.



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