Texas Day 8: Were not in Texas Anymore


I woke up at about 3am and Heath was ready to call it a night. She had been laughing out loud to the Pandora comedy channel in her headphones for several hours but was done for. She pulled over and I hopped out and woke up and got a big coffee and myself ready to take the wheel.

I started out with some Irish Pub Rock and coffee. Then I had some jalapeno chex mix and tea and other snacks. I eventually switched to the ap I use to read books on my phone and turned on the robot audio reader voice. Pronunciation was pretty bad but I was too into the story to care and listened to my book for the rest of the trip.

When everyone woke up we were still not quite to Wichita but stopped for McDonald’s breakfast. We ate in the car and shortly after finishing breakfast we arrived at the Sedgwick County Zoo (one of the top 10 zoo’s in the country).


Our KC friends of the Zoo pass got in in cheaper and after a quick bathroom stop we headed to see the animals.  IMG_9195

It was hot and getting hotter so we quickly made our way around and favored the indoor exhibits.




But we hit a bunch of the outside exhibits too.



We were all pretty hungry and really hot so left the zoo.

Camera 360

We went to the Wichita Brewing Company to cool off and impress our tongues.

Camera 360

Heath and I split 3 really good beers. We also split some bacon jalapeno appetizer thing, a loaded pizza and a salad covered in a cucumber wasabi dressing.

Camera 360

Everything we ate was good and the kids did good jobs on their personal pizzas.

After a late lunch we hit the road again. Heath started out driving then took a nap and I drove. Eventually we got home. We didn’t unpack much just headed inside and relaxed. After a while I made bacon and pancakes and we all got to bed early.

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