Our new Hanging Pan Racks


After work we quickly loaded the kids in the van and went to Home Depot. They had tons of mini paint cans on sale for $0.05 so Heath got one of every color and we also got the supplies to build our own industrial looking pot hanging rack things. Kind of like this but our will be hanging from the ceiling above the island on both sides of a vent hood.

Also our hooks will be cooler. Here I am checking it out at home.


After home depot besides playing with some pipes I cooked dinner. We made little burritos.

Instead of chicken in there that is imitation crab.

After eating dinner I got busy cleaning beer bottles. Heath got Pumpkin in the bath then once my bottles were in good shape and getting sanitized in the dish washer I soaped Pumpkin up and got her ready for bed. She brushed teeth with Heath then I read books and told stories until bedtime.

The dishwasher was still running so I did some running on the deck stairs for 17 min. I was a hot mess afterwords and grabbed a beer and hit the pool. Heath got Bean in bed, did some sit ups and lunges and joined me with another beer.

After our beers we headed inside and got after the clean bottles. I sanitized all my tubes and stuff then we started filling and capping bottles with home made filtered pale ale.


We bottled and capped a while and Heath asked me if this would be carbonated. I thought it was a weird question at first but then realized we never added more sugar before bottling. We uncapped all the beer and poured it back into the bucket. Then we added sugar. The live yeast in the beer will now have some more food.

Inside the bottle it will eat the sugar and produce about a 1/4% more alcohol and some gas that will carbonate the beers. We got it all bottled and labeled.


It was a bit past my bedtime so I saved cleanup for this morning and just soaked a few things and headed to bed. Heath stayed up watching Olympics.

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