100F Picnic

I picked up the girls and we met up with Heath at home. She nursed Bean I packed a cooler and Pumpkin asked for Dora and pink milk and snacks and tomatoes and anything else she could think of. Eventually Bean got fed the girls got ready and we headed to the park. To ensure a good dinner we parked near a shady table far from the spray park and unpacked.


Heath made up a bunch of sandwiches and then we dug in.


While we were eating we heard/saw a big tree branch in a nearby yard randomly break and fall. It looked like several houses lost power. I guess from the tree getting too dry.

Anyway we ate and ate.


Pumpkin was kind of slow and more worried about chips and cheetos then sandwiches but eventually she ate a good amount of food. While she was finishing up Bean rolled around on the table.


We tossed the cooler in the car and started walking the Sunnyside park loop. It’s .71 miles around and we took the long way to the spray park.


Bean was full and sleepy and was out in no time
spray park 8/1/12

So she didn’t get to play with the rest of us.


Heath and I were curious if the loop was a mile or not so I turned on my phone GPS and track program and ran the loop to check. Then we cooled off some more.

spray park 8/1/12

After a while Bean woke up, our cousin/neighbors texted about dessert and we headed back to the car.

spray park 8/1/12

We stopped at Price Chopper on the way home and didn’t even go inside before walking next door for warm homemade blueberry pie with ice cream. A perfect finally to the picknick dinner

We ate and visited and checked out the house setup. Lizy (not a typo) needed to get ready for bed so we headed home and I got Bean ready for bed and Heath got Pumpkin. Bean went quick and afterwords she sat in her chair and watched me work on a purchase Heath made on her lunch break.


Heath picked up a fairly nice stainless steal range hood for above the stove in our kitchen island. It was a scratch and dent one from sears outlet and we wanted to make sure it all worked.  It did and we were pretty pleased with the look and operation of the unit. I’m excited to get it up and have some light over the stove.

I’m also excited about the pan hangers so we won’t have any reason to have 15 pots and pans laying on the floor of the kitchen.


We started out with a test board and a bunch of random hooks to get the feel for where we wanted our pans to hang.


Then we started making holes in our pipe rack for our hooks. Heath is pretty set on stationary hooks screwed down tight.


So I made her drill them.


Just kidding, drilling 12 holes in steal pipe is kind of hard work and really works better with a second person there to keep you level and hold the pipe down.


Unless they need to take pictures for the blog, then you are on your own. Look how nice the drilling went.

 IMG_9292     IMG_9294


We started to get tired and sloppy towards the end so have 2 holes left to drill tonight. But I see the pipes going up soon.

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