Bacon Burger Dogs Tonight

890 Calories, 58 grams of Fat and 44 grams of Protein

I ran by Aldi on the way home from work and Heath ran by the liquor store to prepare for a trip to Kaufman Stadium tonight. I was pretty full from lunch and no one was all that hungry so we decided to have cereal and fruit for dinner once the girls and I got home.

Since last nights dinner was easy I started on tonight’s. I got the burgers thawed and I boiled the polish sausage for a while then laid out bacon, tossed on a burger, then a dog

and rolled it up.

I made 6 of them and then stuck them in the toaster oven.

This was a bit of an experiment. I usually wrap them in foil with cheese inside and then put them on the grill for a while. This time I tried putting them on toast on high heat for a while first with no cheese or foil. Usually the bacon is never very crispy being cooked inside the foil and the cheese all melts and leaks out of the foil. Also we are not going to have a lot of time to wait for the BBDs to cook on the grill so this will give us a head start.

The toasting seemed to go really well, I rolled them over 1/2 way through and definitely kept a pan below them for catching grease.

The pan was pretty nasty afterwords

While the dogs were cooking I tested a random recipe I had read in my cousins cookbook and made a super easy avocado pie. I ran 2 avocados, 1 can of condensed milk and 1/4 cup of lime juice through a food processor and then scooped it into a graham cracker crust and stuck it in the fridge.

While I was playing in the kitchen Heath was on the computer ordering a new picture for the new Great room and working on some other things. Pumpkin was being an awesome big sister and reading books to her sister.

We didn’t ask her to or anything we just realized the girls were being good and looked over to find this.

Once the BBDs were done I started on a slim version. It is 2 strips of turkey bacon around a turkey burger around a turkey hot dog then cut in 1/2. On it’s own it’s only 160 calories but I expect it to also be topped with cheese and served on a hot dog bun instead of a hoagie bun and come in at 305 calories, 10 grams of fat and 27 grams protein.

Then we stuck Pumpkin in the sink and cut up some watermelon and left in next to her. Only one slice ended up in the water and by the end she was more clean then sticky. After bath we got her ready for bed and read books and told stories.

Through out the night Heath and I had been talking about our pot hanging racks


I did some measuring and joist finding and a lot of tapping on the ceiling. We decided right where the vent hood would go and then where the racks would need to be. I saw no reason to wait to put them up and eventually convinced Heath.

My cousin stopped by to visit and help us split a bottle of wine. Heath and I climbed up on the island and did some drilling and screwing. Everything went perfectly and now we have 6 of our pots off the floor and on the ceiling.


It looks great but will be a bit lonely and off center until we add the hood and other rack and move the island into it’s final place.


After the wine was gone Rachel headed home and we went to bed. Both of the girls have little colds and made for a rough night getting up a lot.

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