Go Royals

Friday night we went to the Royals game. Before that everyone came over to prepare.

Bacon Burger Dogs, drinks and hanging out. I had not seen several of my buds from high school in a while and we had not all been together for a long time. Also we got to meet mini Geoff.

Sometime after the game had already started we headed to the stadium and watched the game then came back to our house and partied some more. The little girls were at Heath’s mom’s so we were on our own.

Saturday morning Heath and I made a big hangover fixing breakfast and then got ready for the day. Heath got the girls and I went to get pictures then we met at my Grandma’s house. I have them the pictures and they gave me Pumpkin.

We spent the afternoon eating happy meals, watching Dumbo and taking a nap. Heath and Bean went to some antique mall lunch place and ate and looked at fancy expensive things.

Late in the afternoon we ordered a pizza, Rachel came over and we headed to my mom’s for Matt’s birthday party.

We ate pizza, dips, salad and fruit. Then cake, ice cream and an avocado pie I made.Our family was pretty tired and headed home for bed. Once the girls were out Heath and I joined them for early bedtime.

Sunday morning Heath and the girls all were kinda sick with coughs, sneezes, sore throats. We had a lot to do though so I got busy. I bought 10lbs of hamburger and a big pork loin. I cut some of the loin into mini steaks and roasts and Heath helped me label and pack them in the freezer. Then we made 10 lbs of seasoned, perfectly formed hamburger patties. Once we had these stashed away I got busy with a whole chicken.

First I injected it with a mix of BBQ sauce, seasoning and coke. I stuck it on a 1/2 full coke can and wedged some onions in the cavity.

Then I stuck it on the grill at fairly low heat and basted it with a special mix periodically. My part of lunch was mostly done and Pumpkin and I went for a swim. We played in the pool a bunch until she started shivering.

Meanwhile Heath was busy making a salad and some pasta.

I helped out and checked on my bird.

Pumpkin and I took showers and got dressed then poked around the house until Heath’s grandma, mom, aunt and cousin came over for lunch.  We ate and visited. Pumpkin took a nap and Heath’s mom and Grandma went out for ice cream and stuff.

We took a break from visiting to hang our big mirror back up and stick the frame up around it.


The frame needs some nail holes filled in and touch up painting but it looks way better then the mirror sitting on the ground.

Later on I headed out and picked up Jon and went to the Little Blue River. We had a few beers, swam and floated our way up and down the river. At dinner time we came home and ate some leftovers with Heath and talked until bedtime.

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