Lots O Pots

this post was supposed to appear 8-7-12 but did not.

Pumpkin had spent the night at Heath’s mom’s so Heath went to get her after work. I picked up Bean from school and we went home and got dinner started. Then we went to Home Depot for a few screws. Heath and Pumpkin beat us home and helped out with dinner. We had chicken leftovers, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and watermelon.

The watermelon was on the verge of being too old and funky but we had a lot left. After dinner I blended the last of it up, added some yeast and sugar and put it in a jug.


The balloon on there should keep contaminants out but allow the yeast to make some alcohol and gas. I don’t have high expectations for the flavor but maybe it will be alright.

Everyone in the fam is kind of sick. Me the least so but both the girls are coughing and running noses and Heath is really stuffed up and not feeling well. So we wanted to go to bed after dinner but didn’t belive the little ones would let us so we worked on little projects instead. We put some screws I had just gotten into the time out stool to repair it and glued them in.


Then we added hook screws that I had just gotten to the other pot rack and tightened them down good. Then I started to hang it, Heath helped and Pumpkin checked for studs.



Bean was kind of fussy so we moved her all around the room and took turns entertaining her. While on the floor she was scooting around backwards some and maybe that was scary.

Once we got the rack screwed in good we realized I had attached it with the hooks all backwards so Heath jumped up there and twisted them around.


Hanging and attaching the hood will be a lot more work but we are eager for the light and heat removing it will provide.


After the pots were up we cleaned up a bit then it was time for the girls to get in bed. As soon as we had them down we got ready for bed too.

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