Peanut Butter makes her sick?

Peanut butter makes a pretty awesome snack so it’s been a bummer not to give it to Pumpkin with her allergies. It’s been over a year since she has had any so last night we started testing to see if she has grown out of it. First I took her picture.

Then I made her a tiny snack

She was a little concerned it would make her sick but Heath and I talked with her about it and she ate it and asked for more. We told her she could probably have more in 15 min. So after 15 min I made her a double (still 2 crackers but twice as much PB) and I took another picture to see if anything changed.

she looked 2 years younger

Kidding I took the picture of Pumpkin but she was very interested in the peanut butter.

So she ate a little more peanut butter and then I put it on apples for her and gave her a few more rounds every 15 minutes or so.

She did good all night but this is not the first food challenge she passed and later had problems so we will try again but maybe we can stop buying sunflower butter.

Meanwhile Heath and I got out a bunch of small pieces of food.

Stabbed them with sticks

and tossed them on the grill

Heath also made some sandwiches

Once dinner and dessert was all set we headed out to the pool.


The water was nice and cool but the air was still really hot. We cleaned out leaves, tested water, swam around, rode seahorses and all sorts of fun.


Then we went inside and dried off, Pumpkin took a shower and Heath’s cousin and his girlfriend came over. We moved to the table and ate. The kababs were awesome.

After dinner we brewed my double IPA beer, watched the Olympics and put the girls to bed.

The beer finished up great and should come in at almost 9% alcohol. Once we had it away and the relatives left we went to bed.

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