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Someone needed to practice with a baby…

Not sure if everyone knows, but Kevin and Sharron are having twins. When they were over last weekend for the Royals game, we decided to get together and do dinner, and so last night they showed up with beans, potato salad, and arms ready to hold babies.

Before they showed up, we had gotten busy.  Chris had thrown a pork tenderloin in the crock-pot before we headed to work, so it was nice and juicy, and our house smelled awesome from it slow cooking all day.  He got right on shredding that up, and also making a salad with lots of veggies.  Pumpkin and I were more concerned with dessert: We did some measuring and pouring

then we did a bit of string

and of course the hand mixers get to be cleaned up by the good helpers

Pumpkin put the paper liners in the pan and I filled them with batter, and we threw them in the oven

then wa-la!

I iced a few of them, and we had them with ice cream and it was delicious!

Have any of you made anything delicious recently? Also, what is your favorite dessert?  I think mine is a tie between frozen custard, cheesecake, and french silk pie. And homemade chocolate chip cookies. Right out of the oven.  All nice and warm, and undercooked just a tad so they are gooie, and chocolate is all melty.  nom…nom…nom

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