A Nice Fall Hike in August

yes the kids are in long sleeves

Peanut had a good first 1/2 day of school and he and Heath were home working on dinner when the girls and I got home. We had green (spinach) spaghetti with deer burger and lots of veggies in it. It was really good and the pudding for dessert got them to eat a bunch and not take too much time.

After dinner we tossed everyone in the van and headed over to a 2 mile loop trail we really like in Swope park. We strapped the girls to us and hit the trail.


We always seem to start at the end of this trail and work our way to the beginning. I like the start because there are lots of cool big rocks.



Pumpkin rode for a while but we were making too good of time so we let her down to hike.

 IMG_9613   IMG_9596

and explore with her big brother.


. IMG_9617

But we didn’t let her do everything he did.


We finished the loop and hopped in the car and went to a playground very close by and let the kids play a few minutes then we went home.

I took Pumpkin and Peanut in and got them cleaning up and checking for ticks. Heath took a snoozing Bean to Aldi and restocked the fridge and shelves.

We got the kids in bed and then finished hanging the new canvas print.

Then we headed downstairs and worked on a photo book thing online from our Japan trip until a little past bedtime.


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