There were a few things in the fridge I wanted to get rid of so I started cooking them and Heath and Pumpkin got rice going and then the big kids and I headed outside and got in the pool. I cleaned out the fresh supply of leaves while the kids tried to convince themselves it was really warm enough to swim. I got the pool in order and Peanut was sanding in the middle with his arms around himself and Pumpkin was under the deck coloring circles with sidewalk chalk. I convinced them it was too cool for the pool and we should eat dinner and find something else to play.

We headed up and we finished getting dinner ready. Peanut was eager to help me near the grill and warm up.

Then we headed inside and ate. We had our milk in fun cups.

At the end of dinner Felicia stopped by for a bit and visited with us. Then she packed up some old stuff and headed out. Heath was super motivated to work on some random clean up around the house and got after it and the rest of us tried to help out where we could.

It had been a week since I brewed by double IPA and time to add some dry hops. This was my first time with dry hop leaves and they were pretty cool.


pretty different then the concentrated pellets I usually get.


Heath helped me put them all in a mesh sack thing and then put that into the beer.


While working on the great room remodel we misplaced Pumpkin’s baby jail room and had to displace the piles of toys that were in there. A lot went to her room and a lot went downstairs. We decided to swap some upstairs and downstairs toys to make it seem like she had all new toys.

Also lately she has gotten really good and motivated to build with Peanut’s legos but she is not real good or motivated to keep them up and away from Bean. Once downstairs helping me move toys she immediately wanted all the things upstairs. Somehow I managed to get just the stuff we wanted and not extra stuff. Before the excitement of “new” legos wore off we got busy building and the other kids could not help but join in.

and there was no fear that Bean would eat a big lego.

We played until bedtime then read and got Pumpkin in bed. Peanut stayed up a little longer and got a shower and stuff ready for school then he also went to bed. Heath worked on a few more things then joined me on the computer building our Japan photo book. We worked on it until bedtime.

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