Fun in the Tub

Heath had a lot of running around picking up kids and dropping off her grandma after work. I headed to an Aldi after work I don’t go to often and took my time shopping. Then I put away all the groceries and started on brinner.

Heath and I had burritos filled with scrambled eggs, chili beans, cheese, guacamole, fried sweet potato and a vegetable medley. The kids had the same thing but more separated. We also had broccoli, strawberries and grapes. After dinner we had a lot of kitchen stuff to clean up and I made a cobbler for tonight and some other prep work for tonight then we headed outside and got in the pool.

It felt cool at first but we got used to it quick. We played a bit then Pumpkin had to #2 so all the girls went inside and took care of that then took baths.

Peanut and I played various games in the pool like throwing a soccer ball into a floaty ring and tossing underwater rockets at each other. Then we came in and he showered. We got a late start on the evening and before we knew it we were tucking the girls into bed. Peanut packed his lunch for today and also went to bed.

Heath and I headed to the basement and did a workout video. It was mostly stretching but we got a little sweaty.  Then it was time for bed.


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