first day of 2nd grade!

We didn’t take any pictures, sorry. Once home we quickly put together dinner. I had done most of the prep work the night before and the crock pot had made some nice Mexican pulled pork that we used to stuff in burritos with rice and beans and guac and veggies.

Cousin Rachel and Alex joined us for dinner then watched the girls while we went to Peanut’s school to meet his teacher and hear the plan for the year. Peanut came with us and watched a movie in the gym with the other kids while we did the parents stuff.

After the meeting we rushed home and Pumpkin had been mad when we were leaving her was now mad that we were home so soon. They had gone to the park and built with Legos and all sorts of fun stuff.

We got her in bed and Peanut ready for bed and then I went for a run. I had tried to run in the morning like usual but the dry air had given me a terrible nose bleed when I woke up.

So I got a good run in and then some aerobic work in the basement while Heath did work stuff.

I hung out in the pool a while and drank a ton of water then got ready for bed. Heath skyped a bunch with her sister then came to bed.


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