Preseason Red

and yellow

It was another poor picture taking night but I think the weekend will solve this slump and perhaps Monday you will have more pictures to look at then you want. Heath will have the good camera tonight and be taking shots of adventures with the kids building forts to watch movies and eat frozen pizzas in and I’ll have the old backup camera with me as I try out my first solo backpacking trip.

This map is a little upside down, I’ll be starting at the bottom/south end off 151st street and state line. Heath is going to drop me off right after work tonight and hopefully sometime late tomorrow morning I’ll make it home to our house.

I’ll be following the little blue river for the most part and about 1/2 of the time I’ll be on a trail. The river is about 13 miles but I have no idea how long I’ll walk to get home.

Last night after work the girls and I packed up a few snacks then hopped in the van when Heath and Peanut got home. We headed to Mike’s Tavern / Mexican Cantina and went to a goodbye party for my coworker with some other radio station folks. We had a couple drinks and the kids had chicken wings, chicken tenders and tator tots.

After dinner we went home and got Pumpkin cleaned and ready for bed. Peanut took a shower and did homework and some reading. Bean snoozed for a bit. Then I did some packing.


I’m trying to go small lightweight pack and travel fast. I packed a lot of things in a waterproof sack so I could wade the creek if I needed and squished it into our old purple pack because it is a little smaller. Then I put on my boots and went for a mile test run. I did a light jog for about 1/2 (the downhills) and a fast walk for the other half (uphills). Everything felt good but my pack ended up a lot bigger then I had hoped for.

I played around with our new green and grey pack and it did not seem all the bigger so I took everything out and repacked it in the new pack and didn’t use the waterproof sack. Heath later convinced me to pack the waterproof bag so I have it if things get rough. The new pack feels really good and this will give me a chance to get to know it before a bigger trip.

My packing and testing and everything got me a bit hot so I headed to the pool after Peanut went to bed and cooled off for a while. Then I got ready for bed with Heath. My stomach started rumbling and reminding me I only had a few bites of the kids dinners so I made a bunch of quick food and scarfed it before going to sleep.

This morning we had peanut butter/sunflower butter covered home made french toast sticks and it was pretty good.

It was around this time I remembered I was low on pictures so shot a random family shot for the top of the post.

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