Back to the River and the Other funs had


So the rest of the family dropped me off at the river and went home to hope for my safe return and have some fun of their own. They got some take and bake pizza on the way and then started building a fort.

they spent the evening playing in the fort, eating pizza and watching movies.

In the morning I came home and we took showers and baths and poked around the house some then ran out for errands. First stop was the Chinese buffet. I was withering away from my forest diet so unleashed. After we were good and stuffed we squished in some ice cream then went to Aldi for groceries and CVS for baby cereal.

That afternoon we messed around the house, took naps and worked on projects. Pumpkin did her napping on a road trip to Lee Summit and back to pick up some furniture Heath bought.


We got it home safe and set it up so she could start filling it up.

Peanut made us a butterscotch pie for dessert.

Bean tried solid foods for the first time.

and loved the rice cereal

Once the girls were in bed we bottled my Hop Head Double IPA beer.


We had a 3 person assembly line and a science lesson about yeast and alcohol while we bottled.


Peanut learned a lot and was really eager to help.


Heath and I took an early taste test and it was great.


It should be pretty strong and the extra honey we added made it a bit sweet. In about 2 weeks we should have some really tasty stuff.


Then it was bedtime. Sunday we started out with our first 5 person family jog (walk, ride,bike) trip


We took the trail and followed the way I had come the day before. Peanut rode his bike, Heath and I jogged and the girls each rode.


It was really humid but lots of fun. Once we got to the bridge they are working on we checked it out and turned around.

We ate some lunch and messed around the house. I got some ribs out and ready for dinner.

The girls took naps, Heath went to scrapbook party and I worked on a little demo project for a kitchen idea we had (stole from pinterest)



We are thinking of making some pipe light fixtures and attaching them to mason jars with lights or maybe hanging some like this. This one we have up is super temporary and hanging right where the vent hood will go.

First impressions are, this is super bright and needs to be calmed down some and this looks cool, lets figure out how to make it work. The great room is coming together.


After nap time Jon and Alli came by to play.

The girls had a great time playing all over the house and outside. They got along great and were well rested and not crabby. When they left we finished up getting dinner ready and then had a great meal.

Everyone ate really good and I forgot about pictures until there was 1 loan rib left.

After dinner we got Pumpkin in bed and I soaked in an oatmeal bath for 30 min to help with the poison ivy and bug bites on my legs. Then I pretty much passed out hard in bed and Heath took care of whatever needed done before bed.




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