Pink Eye


No post yesterday because I was taking care of Pumpkin who has pink eye or if you prefer her description she has peanut butter in her eye.

We took Bean to school, went to the doctor, ran some work errands and then picked up that sweet chiefs gear and some clothes for the weekend. Once home I  spent the morning feeding Pumpkin and trying to keep her relaxing on the couch. After lunch she laid down for a nap and passed out right away and slept for 3 hours. I made a lasagna, did laundry of anything I could find that Pumpkin may have touched, dehydrated fruit and worked on random quite projects around the house.

After naptime Pumpkin’s eyes were pretty crusty so I got her in the tub and let her watch Dora and eat grapes.

Heath and Bean came home a little later and I stuck the lasagna in the oven and made a salad. Heath and I got on the computer and planned our weekend and then we all sat down to eat.

After dinner I helped get Pumpkin ready for bed and get eyedrops in. Then we had some reward ice cream and I headed to work.

That was about it for the night. I got caught up on work then came home and rushed to bed.

The night before Pumpkin got pink eye Peanut was still home and Heath cut his hair.


He didn’t really want to get it cut at first but both he and Heath really liked it when she was done. We also did some swimming in the pool.



The bit of rain we got sent a ton of leaves in the pool so I spent most of the pool time scooping them out.


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