Wiggle Worm


Heath did a bit of shoe shopping on her way home

So the girls and I got ready for a jog/splash. First I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Pumpkin to eat while ridding. Then I got changed and started getting drinks and other snacks together. While I was distracted Pumpkin had eaten the sandwich. I smashed some black beans onto a tortilla, added cheese and then folded it over and toasted it.

While it was cooking I went over the food and to do list for the weekend and filled a tub with food for meals and cooking supplies and a backpack with snacks. Heath got home and got ready. Then I loaded the truck and she grabbed towels and Pumpkin’s swimsuit and off we went to Sunnyside park.


The trail is about 3/4 of a mile and we loaded the girls up and started running. Bean napped and Pumpkin and snacked. It was really hot but we did a second lap before stopping to cool off.


Pumpkin ran around and around and Heath and I cooled off some then sat by sleepy and talked while Pumpkin played. After the spray park we went to the library. I replaced my card after the thievery wallet issue. We got some kids books, kids cds and adult audio books. I’m most excited to read hear:

Then we went home and our leftover lasagna was pretty warm in the toaster oven. Bean ate first and I warmed up some peas and then we ate. Pumpkin had her 3rd entree (pb sandwich, quesadilla, lasagna) and cleaned her plate. Then we cleaned up and got Pumpkin pajamaed, read to and in bed.

I looked over a few recipes online then started making cookies.

I wanted something really hearty and somewhat healthy to eat while hiking. I started with granola cereal and chia and added a diced up apple, raisins, oats, peanut butter and some regular cookie stuff like flour, sugar, eggs.Heath got involved part way though and whole peanuts got added to some and butterscotch chocolate chips to others.

I baked 3 pans of them. Heath and I had our taste test that night and they were good. Pumpkin had her taste test the next day.

She picked out all the raisens and chips and let me have the rest.


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