We are Tired

Yesterday during the afternoon we realized Pumpkin started her tumbling class that night. We also found out Peanut had both scouts and soccer practice. So every Tuesday night we will have dance and soccer and every other one scouts as well. Peanut’s dad took him to scouting and we took Pumpkin to dance class.

We started out with a talk about the session and dates and fees and what the kids would be doing and whatnot. Then they got the kids out there to start learning names and having fun.

Then they hopped on one foot and did some other fun little games.


Pumpkin was a little grumpy and unsure at first but once things got going she did great. We had fun watching her and giving thumbs up back and forth after she somersaulted or walked the beam or whatever.

Bean played on my lap and smiled at the other parents and got spit up and pee all over my pants.

After dance class we were all starving. Heath washed the girls and I quickly cooked up some dinner. We ate and since Pumpkin did good at her class she got chicken nuggets. After dinner Heath went to Peanut’s soccer practice and I got the girls relaxing and watching tv in our bed. When Heath got home she got the girls in bed and then I went to bed and Heath shortly after. We got a bunch of sleep.

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