Eyes match the rug?

I had started a dinner plan earlier but after work I made some final touches then tossed it in the toaster oven and we all headed to another goodbye coworker party at Mikes Tavern. Heath and I had a beer and talked to my coworkers, Bean got passed around and smiled at everyone and Pumpkin played ipad and ate cheese balls.

After our drinks we said goodbye and headed to Aldi up the street. We had cleaned out the food in the house before and on our trip so needed to reload. I thought it would be a pretty quick easy trip but we were shopping hungry and we ended up with a loaded cart and used up a lot of time.

Our tummy’s were grumbling when we got home and unloaded the food. Luckily dinner was cooked and just needed some extra heating. It was a weird dinner that turned out great.

I had taken out some frozen leftover chunks of turkey. Then when it thawed I discovered it was actually ham. I cut it into bites and cut a bunch of sweet potatoes into chunks then some zuchini and onions. I added a brick of cream cheese and then mixed in some assorted veggie leftovers and mixed it all together. I topped with cheese and stuck it in the oven.

I expected us to eat half last night but we nearly finished off the pan. There was just enough for me to scramble a couple eggs and mix them in and form 2 burritos for this morning.

We got Pumpkin in bed and cleaned up the house a bit and planned to work out together but Heath got stuck on the phone and I got stuck fixing her work laptop. When we got done it was late and we were still pretty tired so called off the workout and went to bed.

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