Rubba Dub

I got out late and so the girls got home late so Heath got our dinner started for us. I helped her out and Pumpkin helped out feeding Bean.

I think this is a really funny pic because I do the same thing when feeding Bean. Pumpkin can be such a good little helper.

After dinner she helped me out make some rice crispy treats.

The butter melted good but the marshmallows were a little stale and stirring was rough.

They grew big and puffy but would not really melt.

eventually I smashed them and added in the cereal anyway.

Bean was scooting around the family room playing with toys after dinner while we cooked but she crashed.

Heath was with us for dinner and the start of the crispeys then went to a Tupperware or something party. We moved the crispeys to a pan and they seemed great at first. They were hot and gooyey so we put them in the fridge during bath time to cool off a bit.

The girls got clean

and played

then we got on pajamas and went to try out the snacks and take some to neighbors. They looked great so I got a knife and a went to cut some out and found out they were not good.

(SURPRISE HEATH, I broke another knife)

they were a giant sugary rock. We tried a few bites but they were pretty tough so instead we decided to have apples with peanut butter on them and read a bunch of books. Both girls sat on my lap and we read a bunch till bed time. Then Pumpkin brushed teeth and we told a story and she went to bed. Bean seemed tired and I laid her down and she immediately fell asleep without rolling over or finding her thumb or anything.

I headed downstairs and worked out and read and played on the computer until Heath got home. A bit later it was bed time.

This weekend Jon and Amanda are having people over to hang out all weekend if your looking for something to do. Also I have a  big chunk of really hard rice crispeys, any ideas what to do with it?


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