Happy Birthday Kelly

Friday I made a pan of enchiladas and some taco meat and chicken while Heath picked up a bunch of meat from a rained out tailgate. Then we headed to J.A.A.K.’s house for their backyard campout.


We hung out and had some drinks and made tacos with home made shells and beans and the meat we brought over. The big girls played and Bean slept the entire time.


At Pumpkin’s bedtime we went home and got her in bed and packed some stuff up for the next day then headed to bed.

Saturday Heath and the girls went to her cousins to take pictures. Berry and I headed to the river and had a great trailrun. We all got home at the same time and Heath, Jendra and Bean packed up the car and enchiladas and went to Omaha.

Pumpkin and I packed up the truck and headed back to the campout.


Shortly after getting there we smoked some hot dogs, then wrapped them in bread dough and smoked them some more.


They turned out really good. Jon did a lot of smoking and everything turned out good. Here is Pumpkin eating apple pie.


In the fire pit we had coals one 1 side and a hanging thing on the other side. We would set some food on the hangers then put a cover over the grill and let it smoke/bake.


Besides eating we set up tents.



and watched some chickens Jon borrowed to eat the bugs out of his garden.



And the rest of the time we were just hanging out and eating and drinking and talking.



We camped out overnight and it was nice and cool. In Pumpkin and my tent things went great and we both slept well.

We left in the morning and headed home. We ate some breakfast, took bath/showers and got ready for the game.

I made some pizza dough and cleaned up the house a bunch then Stooks came over to watch the game. Pumpkin watched the first half with us and we made awsome loaded sandwiches. At halftime things were going well and Pumpkin laid down for a nap. I guess the chiefs really needed her support because they fell apart but she got a nice nap.

After the game Stooks left and Pumpkin and I went for a run.

Then we stopped at the park for a bit on the run.

We got starving while running and playing and rushed home to make dinner. The pizza dough was ready and I made 2 pizzas loaded with all sorts of stuff

(bacon, sundried tomatoes, yellow squash, ham pepperoni, onions, green peppers, tomatoe, pineapple)

Heath, Bean and Jendra got home and ate some pizza with us then Jendra left and we got ready for bed.










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