Mama-ha (Omaha) Quickie


So Sat morning I got up pretty early, got showered, got all the stuff in the van, and then got going.  I took the girls out south to get their picture taken by my cousin Brooke at .  After a mad dash back to the house, I got the van filled up with gas, and off Jendra, Bean, and I went to see Septembra.

Once we got to Omaha,  we picked up Septembra and off we went to look at dresses.  She had made appointments for shops at 2 different places, one for 5p that day, and one for noon on Sunday, and the third place was a walk in place, and we went there first.


We walked around the dress shop and helped Septembra pick out dresses to try on to get a feel for what she liked, and the different styles available.


After we had a few dresses chosen, Septembra got a room, and we got a fashion show.


Now I don’t think I can put any pictures of the dresses that she tried on up, so I will put other cute pictures of Bean up.


Of course everyone that walked by mentioned how good Bean was being, and how cute she is, and how big and blue her eyes are.  Comments like that always make a mom happy! 🙂


After that place, we went to another one, and Septembra tried on more dresses, but now we knew better what style she liked.  This time though, Jendra and I also tried on some bridesmaids dresses as well.  (bad picture warning)


It was about 7p by the time we got home, and luckily Chris had made us some enchiladas that I brought from KC,and they were delicious! So we ate, and then chilled out, watching Hotel Hell on Hulu Plus till bed time.

The next morning we got up, I packed a few things back in the car, and we headed to our last appointment for the afternoon.


This was a much, much smaller dress shop that the previous two we had seen the day before, but the lady was really nice, and very helpful, and they even had a few dresses that were on sale.  She tried on several, and actually narrowed it down to two that she really liked, and I believe she was going to go back today and buy the one she wanted!  Both of them were beautiful, and the one I think she was going to buy, as soon as she came out of the dressing room, I knew it was the one.  And it is amazing!


After that, we headed back to the apartment.  Rhafel had made some original Brizilian cusine that was delicious that we ate for lunch, and then we headed home.

Once home, we ate some Pizza that Chris had made, visited with Pumpkin, Jendra went back to Paola, and the rest of us went to bed.  I was asleep by 9pm.

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