Bean is 1/2 a year old today

Our night started by rushing home, hopping in the van and rushing to dance class. They had the parents and siblings out of the studio but Pumpkin seemed to be doing good whenever we peaked in through the window.

izzy tumbling 9/11/12

She ate 1/2 a sandwich on the ride over and Peanut ate his dinner while we hung out in the waiting room. Bean played with me and Heath and after eating Peanut read his books.

After dance class we rushed home and changed Bean and got more food for Pumpkin. Then we rushed to Peanut’s soccer practice.


His coed 2nd and 3rd grades team did some drills and got back into the swing of things. Some kids seem like little pros and some seem like they have never played before it could be an interesting season.


His games will be every Saturday at noon for the next several weeks they play at the middle school on 103rd between Wornal and Holmes. So come check it out.

While they practiced we hung out and watched and had snacks and Heath and Pumpkin did some running around.


After soccer we rushed home and Peanut did homework and I washed Pumpkin in the tub real quick then pajamas and time for a little gardening.

We dug a hole in the front yard and filled it with 12 little seeds.

The seeds:

Then we buried the seeds and got some water milk to help them grow.

We put a splash of chocolate in the milk as an experiment.

Then Pumpkin went to bed. Peanut showered, made his lunch and ate some more dinner until bedtime. Heath and I added our leftovers from the night before to some noodles and ate that for dinner. I was pretty tired and headed to bed just before Peanut and I think Heath came shortly after.

In the morning we got up early and worked out and had some top secret projects to work on. We discovered our seeds had grown pretty quick.

Once the kids got up and got dressed and ready for school we opened the front door and let them out.

In no time they were picking that tree clean.


The milk and little bit of chocolate syrup made for some really nice donuts.

And the kids really dug in

It was Bean’s big 6 month day but she didn’t get any.

Also yesterday Peanut had no school and he and Heath met me for lunch at New Pecking in Westport. Peanut’s was pretty hot.

He ordered a cho cho appetizer that was strips of beef that he got to heat on this little grill. He thinks it is really cool and says the meat is awesome.




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