Shortly after everyone was home we pulled that stuff off the grill. We also had rice, black beans, brockoli and carrots. I think everyone cleaned their plates.

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned the pool lately but it turned really green while we were in Colorado.


It’s kind of been a very slow ongoing project ever since we got back. We finally got all/most of the water out but it was pretty nasty on the inside.


So the kids and I went out to clean it up and get it ready for winter.



Actually since I had a broom and a hose involved Peanut really did help me some and Pumpkin went with Heath to go meet neighbors and organize a block party.

It was really tough to figure out what to do at first the pool is big and heavy and hard to clean but we got a good system and I think did a pretty good job but it was pretty wet afterwords so we had to let it dry.


It was a bit windy last night and it felt pretty dry this morning. Heath and I rolled it up and got it to fit back in the box.

That’s about it for the evening besides getting the kids in bed.

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  1. Lynsey says:

    Just FYI, my neighbors have a pool like that, & found that if you put some baby powder on the insides of the pool before your fold it up it makes it MUCH easier to unroll the next year. The powder keeps the sides/bottom from sticking together & potentially ripping when your get it out next year.

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