16lbs of Cute

Well I forgot the camera but I don’t think there were many pictures on it. Maybe a couple like this

That’s right the kids had waffles for dinner and sausage and eggs and oatmeal. They both ate great but Peanut ate a ton. It was a late dinner as right after work and school we took Bean to the doctor for her 6 month check up.

She was right at average for weight, tall for her ate and head a bit smaller then average. She had a scary pile of vaccines and flu shots to get and of course did not like that but stopped fussing as soon as we picked her up.

The other two kids were with us and each got a nasal inhale thing of flu shot. Peanut did a good job and made some really funny faces and Pumpkin fussed and wined but inhaled.

Besides doc and breakfast we just did our normal bedtime routine stuff and hung out relaxing. Bean was exhausted and went to sleep early the other kids and I read a lot and got to bed on time. Heath went to her second yoga class that takes place in like a 100 degree humid room to help make you sweat and get a good workout.

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