Heath’s Birthday Weekend

(this morning while we were getting ready Pumpkin said, “mom, I think you should wear your brown hair today”)

Friday after work the girls and I got home first and I started making some quesadillas while watching crazy breaking news. Heath got home and we each had a beer an tried to load the kids up on tortillas beans and cheese. Then we headed to the Center High School Football game.

On the way into the game we played at a big carnival.

There was a lot to do for all 3 kids and almost everything was free. We did pay $1 for cotton candy and $1 for Peanut to try to trow a ball and dunk some lady. We all had a lot of fun. We got into the game a little after the start and cheered through most of the 1/2 half. The Center yellow jackets got up 21 to nothing and we headed back to the carnival for more fun.

We all got hungry and it got to be bed time so we headed home and the kids ate some chicken nuggets before bed.

Saturday the kids and I got up and started working hard on breakfast. We made sweet potatoes, sausage and eggs. I did most of the cooking but the kids set up 4 plates and silverware and got everyone fruit and drinks and helped me load up each plate.


I didn’t mention it on the blog but Thursday night we worked hard to make a cake and wrap presents while Heath was at yoga.




Once everything was ready we lit the candles and headed in to wake up mom with the birthday song.


Then we brought in her breakfast and everyone elses.


Once our breakfasts were all gobbled up we brought in the presents.



We decided to wait on cake since we were so full and didn’t have any ice cream.

The bed was full of breakfast crumbs and the kitchen was full of dishes so we did some clean up. We got the house and us in good shape and Peanut made a big crock pot of chili then we headed to his soccer game.


His team has the black jerseys and he is number 7.


He did great and his team did good too. Peanut had at least 3 really good shots on goal though he played deffence most of the game.


He had a bunch of big saves that kept the other team from scoring.


We enjoyed watching the game and the weather was great. Pumpkin and Peanut’s step brother played, read books and shared snacks.


The game ended up at 0-0.


We were pretty hungry and headed home for some chili and Peanut changed shoes and Bean changed diapers. Then we headed to the park for our neighbor AJ’s birthday party.


We visited with friends, played on the playground, had some snacks, sang happy birthday and ate cake.


After cake we headed home to get ready for the next activity. Shortly after getting home Heath’s mom showed up to babysit. Heath and I got our supplies ready for the Pub and Peddle.



We formed a 4 person team with Jon and his neighbor Dave and got registered at 39th and Main.  IMG_3477

At 6 the race started and after distributing manifests and going over how everything works they set us loose on the city.


The manifest had a big list of bars and clues for items in the bar you needed to get a picture of. In the picture you needed all 4 people in your team. Bars ranged as far south as 230th street in Belton and as far as north of the river. We started off south for What’s Happening at 85th and Prospect because it had some big points. After about 30 minutes into the ride we were less then 1/2 way there and slowing down. We decided to rethink our plan. Many of the teams had serious riders and besides Jon we were not. We changed our plan and headed to Mikes tavern. Once there we saw several other P N’ Pers.


We had a beer and got a picture.


Then we got hungry and started heading south for a pit stop.


We parked by the drive though and powered up. Then used the bathrooms and got back on the road.


All our plans went through a lot of revisions at this point. We lost more and more time and only had 1 bar picture. We had beers in our bags and ended up taking lots of pit stops on the way to the bars and then deciding to skip bars and screw around.


And we needed more fuel and hit up BK.


Then we ended up in waldo at their Pub Crawl.


We joined a big street party that was not part of the bike ride at all and hung out there.


Dave met some ladies and we lost him. We rode on south completely abandoning the photo hunt. If we had continued we would have needed to be in westport at 10 to have the judges check out our photos and divy up prizes accordingly. I can’t imagine our 1 picture would have gotten us anything.

We worked our way towards home and had a few more drinks along the way. at 85th Jon turned around and went home and Heath and I rode the rest of our way. We stopped next door for a birthday shot and then headed to bed.

Sunday morning we got up kind of early when Heath’s mom let us know she was going to church. I got up and made breakfast burritos and bean and cheese burritos. I packed the van and got the kids ready. Heath was dragging pretty bad but got up and ate a few bites. When Heath’s mom got back we loaded into the van and went to get my truck from Westport and then to the zoo.


We started out getting Heath a big drink and then checking out the polar bear.


We walked around and the girls rode the stoller and checked out bunches of animals.


Bean actually seemed to really like looking around


Pumpkin really liked the ski lift over Africa.



Then we took a little boat ride and didn’t see much so made our pouty faces.


We saw the birthday girls favorite, giraffes  IMG_3531

and some sleepy lions


Bean had enough and passed out for a bit


and the other kids rode the carrousel


The kids and I rushed home to watch the chiefs and Heath and her mom went to get ice cream and some other groceries. I was at half time when they got back. We got out Heath’s little pink cake.


It was kind of a disaster. Peanut and I had made an angel food cake without the right kind of pan and we mixed the ingredient packets all wrong and added strawberries to it.


But we sang the birthday song again and Heath blew out the candles and we dug in.


I was the only one who finished my piece but the ice cream went over well. We sat through the rest of the game and then we took naps. After naps we played with toys, ready books and lazed around the house. We killed the chili for dinner and then everyone went to bed when Pumpkin did and we were all exhausted.


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