Get um clean

It was spaghetti night

And the house was kind of a disaster from us letting the kids put toys everywhere on Sunday afternoon. So I cooked and did dishes and Heath and the kids cleaned. We didn’t load the speg up with veggies but had some carrots and brockoli on the side and added some beans.

After dinner I pealed,diced and got some apples baking with some cinnamon. Then the girls took a bath.

First no one would look at me.

Then one or the other would but not both. Eventually I got them to look

I got them both clean then let them play a while till Bean got fussy. Then I got her out and dry.

Then I folded laundry and watched TV. Pumpkin cooked us all sorts of plastic food meals. Peanut ran around the neighborhood selling boy scout popcorn and then playing with a friend.

Eventually we ate our dessert, apples with ice cream

and got ready for bed

Heath and I went to bed shortly after the kids and did some reading.





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