The Firestation


Yesterday late in the morning I took an early lunch and went to get Pumpkin from school. We met up with a giant group from Parents as Teachers for a fire-station tour. We were surprised to find some friends there too.


Amanda, Jon’s mom and the girls were there too. Just before the tour there were back to back alarms sending the firemen off to save the day. When they got back we got started and heard a bit about their schedule and lives and kitchen and living stuff.

We were at one of the biggest stations at 99th and Holmes. They have 12 people working all the time. They work from 7am to 7pm then have 2 days off. There are 3 crews and they all rotate this schedule. We headed upstairs and saw the little rooms where they live and the big windows looking down on the trucks. This station also has 2 poles that at 27ft long and go right from the rooms to the trucks.


He said something about them being the 2nd tallest poles but I’m not sure if that was in the city, world or what. We took the stairs down to see the trucks


And the firemen came down the pole

They gave us a tour of the 2 types of trucks and what special tools are in each one.



We saw the jaws of life and the compartment full of Stihl chainsaws. A guy also got all dressed and showed off his fire suit.


Then we got some plastic hats and books and took some pictures and headed out. Pumpkin went back to school to eat lunch and I went back to work.

After work we rushed home and tossed a bunch of food in a bag then rushed to dance class without even waiting for Heath and Peanut.Pumpkin ate a cheese stick, took a drink and ran in to get started tumbling.

Bean and I hung out and when Peanut and Heath got there I made Peanut a sandwich and some other dinner from the bag of food. They left just before the end of dance and went to go get Peanut’s cleats and shin gaurds on. After dance the girls and I went home and tossed some more food in the bag and I changed clothes and we all headed to soccer.


Peanut ran out to the field and stretched and got ready. The rest of us were a little slower but once there we set up a sideline picknick.


Pumpkin and I ate sandwiches, fruit, crackers and chips. Bean had milk.


Heath was saving her appetite for after yoga. She left a bit before practice was over to go yoga it up. The kids and I watched the rest of practice then headed home. We had a race to the car and Peanut won. Then he took a shower and I washed Pumpkin. We all got pajamas on and I read books while Peanut fed Bean some more. Then I tucked both the girls in and they went to sleep.

Peanut played some Ipad and I worked on a simple plain hanger for our vent hood so we can get it up on the ceiling. I stopped when the drill battery died and Heath got home. We had some more dinner then got ready for bed.









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