She does seem to like it.

Heath had yoga again and I decided to wait and eat with her so made a kids meal of shells and cheese, refried beans, fried taters and green beans.

She fed Bean while they ate and I prepared dinner for tonight and cleaned up the kitchen. Then I worked a bit on getting our vent hood up. The kids played and Heath helped me until she had to go to class. When Heath left we piled on bikes and strollers and headed to the park.


Peanut rode his bike in circles most of the time.


Pumpkin ran a restaurant and got Bean and me food.



Then we swang and did the slide and tetter totter.


Then we headed home and I got Pumpkin in the shower and started getting her ready for bed. Bean started falling alseep on the floor so I moved her to bed and got Peanut doing homework. Then I read to Pumpkin and got her in bed. I worked a bit more on the vent hood then sent Peanut to bed and started cooking our dinner. The stove was covered in a cloth and it was covered in dust so I used the grill but started with a bunch of veggies.

I did add some meat and everything was ready right after Heath got home.

Heath and I ate and showered and headed to bed.

In the morning we finished our simple vent hood hanger but held off hanging it.


yesterday we also got our photobook in.


It turned out awesome. We were really pleased it seems really good quality and everything worked out perfect.



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2 Responses to Avacado

  1. Lynsey says:

    Your photo book is super cool!!! What website did you use to put it together?

  2. thePrewitt says:

    That book was made at http://picaboo.com/ We got it on a groupon/living social deal. We almost got a different book on a different deal last week but it expired before we did.

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