A Growing Mobile Monster

It was a productive night. We had big loaded salads for dinner.

Bean had sweet potatoes for the first time

She seemed to like them pretty well and washed them down with water from a sippy cup.

She has some bug bites and then got some sweet potato in her eye. After dinner Heath got busy rearranging the girls room, organizing clothes and moving furniture. We removed the changing table and added a dresser.  It turned out really good.



Meanwhile I stuck the vent hood up.


and powered it up


the fan on it runs but the air does not go very far yet. Also at some point we will do something about building a nicer box around it.

I got pretty dirty so the girls and I hopped in the shower for a bit then they headed to bed. Pumpkin and I read some stories before she went to bed. Then Heath and I disconnected the big pile of computer, receiver, wires and speakers that have been sitting on the floor by the front door for a long time. Then we hung the speakers and stacked things nicely and wound wires up and got everything out of reach from the girls and looking and sounding much better.

This weekend Heath went through all the shelves behind the fireplace and put girls toys low and not girls toys high. Bean is scooting rolling and crawling pretty well now and we need to start rebabyproffing the house.

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