Girls, Girls, Girls!

So Pappy took off on his camping trip Friday evening and Peanut was at his dads so the girls and I were on our own.  He had made dinner and ate with us before he left, so the evening project could be continued after he left. I had started a project of making a little play room for the girls, so we could keep all the toys and baby items in one area that was easy for both of them to get to the things they like to play with.

As you can see in that picture, I cleared off the bottom two shelves in our “pantry”, brought up Pumpkin’s kitchen from the basement, and re-organized all the toy bins.  In the bottom bins, are toys for Bean, and things she can play with.  The other ones are filled with fake food, and cooking utensils, an array of Mr. Potato heads (and other parts), as well as various dress up items, balls, dolls, etc.  On the shelves, I put some books that are both Pumpkin and Bean friendly, a set of puzzles, and in the pink boxes on the bottom are the legos (well duplos) that Pumpkin has become fascinated with.  This also opens up a nice area we can put Bean down and let her crawl around while we are cooking dinner or doing dishes, etc.  So between that and switching laundry every hour or so, our Friday night was pretty exciting.

Saturday started out slow…with a 7:30a shout out from Bean wanting to be fed.  I was thinking I could sneak back into bed and get a few more minutes of sleep before Pumpkin got up, but she started yelling for me (Momma!  It’s morning time!).  I convinced her to lay back down with me and watch TV in my bed, but after we got all snuggled in, she said she wanted a snack, so I knew it was time to get up.  After breakfast, Pumpkin kept busy with playing with play-doh

and feeding Bean

and then we all needed to shower before we headed out.  Peanut had a soccer game, and we had to run to the store to pick up a gift for a birthday party we were going to that afternoon.


We met Peanut, his dad, and brother Cole at the game, and the kids played while we watched Peanut play soccer.

Peanut played goalie 2nd half, and his team won the game, 1-0.  After the game we said our goodbyes and then rushed to Deanna Rose Farmstead for the birthday party for one of my girlfriends at work’s daughter.  She was turning 1, and oh so cute.

She is the one in front with the pink cardigan that is not Bean. 🙂

Anyways, we ate cupcakes, and visited, and did a pinata, and then we went into the farm to see the animals.  We saw Goats:

Had some sister time

Saw the Milk cow demonstration

Saw a TeePee

Fed some baby goats

And general cuteness

But the best part was this:

As part of the party, all the kids got coupons to do one of the activities, ride the pony, go fishing, do the hay ride, or go mining.  Of course Pumpkin wanted to ride the pony.  She used both her and Bean’s coupon to ride the pony, and loved it so much!

She looked so little on the pony, and she was so brave (although I think I was the one that was scared, she was just super excited).  You have to be 3 to ride the pony…SHHHHHHH………and well, she did great!

After we left the farm, we rushed home.  It was my sister’s birthday (she turned 19) and I had invited her over for dinner.  her and my brother James came over, we ate pizza, visited, and played Dance Dance Revolution 3.  It was a fun weekend! 🙂

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