Sink Bath

So I missed yesterday’s post because I was really busy and didn’t have the pictures to upload. Luckily last nights post should be pretty short. On the way home from work/school we ditched the kids at Jon and Amanda’s. Then Heath and I went to Aldi and got a bunch of groceries. Some of the regular stuff and some extra for Pumpkin’s birthday party this weekend.

We stopped by home and put some stuff in the fridge and freezer then went out to eat. We tried out Martin City Brewing Company.

It was pretty nice outside and we so we ate outside on an incline that was a little rough. We were disappointed to find they did not brew any beer at this brewing company, (they hope to some day) They had a decent beer menu but after ordering I realized I was looking at the bottle menu and changed my order to something from the tap.

The beers we got were really good and the menu had some interesting things on it like mac and cheese loaded with bacon jalapenos and pulled pork. We decided to change our plans of splitting appetizers and go ahead and get a whole dinner. I got the cowboy burger. It was a nice bun with a really soft moist burger, cheese, bacon, and a pile of BBQ pulled pork. Heath got carnitas tacos loaded with shredded pork.

They were both really good but we both liked mine better. After dinner we rushed to get the kids and then get them in bed asap. Kids and friends all reported a great night. Once the girls were down Heath and I went to bed right away so we could do lots of stuff this morning.

Tuesday night we were really busy. Heath had meetings after work and I took the girls to the dance studio. Pumpkin ate a quick sandwich and crackers and then danced it up while Bean and I played and waited for her. After dance we went home and ate a bunch of asian noodles with tons of veggies in it. Then Heath got busy on this big pile of stuff I moved from the garage to the kitchen.

Actually the pile was a lot worse and this is after 1 night of working on it. When we dry-walled the great room we had to move everything to the garage and this is the stuff that we had not needed yet. While she was working I gave Bean her first sink bath since June.

She is now old enough to sit up by herself and look for and grab things to put in her mouth. After her bath she ate some more and went to bed.  Then it was Pumpkin’s turn.

She has really outgrown the sink but wanted to give it a shot and seemed to really have fun. I had a lot of water on the counter top to dry afterwords. That was about it for the night Pumpkin got to bed and we cleaned up and got to bed also.


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