Typical Busy Tuesday


I rushed from work to daycare to find Bean was having a really fussy day and Pumpkin was having some trouble following directions.  We rushed on to tumbling class and Pumpkin ate a sandwich and some fruit on the way. Once there I took Pumpkin potty then class started. Bean seemed fine to me but as we were playing in the chair waiting for Pumpkin’s class she got my knuckle in her mouth and I discovered she had the start of a tooth poking through.

That explained her earlier fussyness. Shortly later the instructor came to the waiting room and got me and another parent. Both our kids were acting up, causing problems and not following directions.

We sat in the classroom and our kids had some time out with us. This was a bummer for Pumpkin but great for Bean because she was no longer confined to crawling over me on the chair and she could roll around and climb around me on the soft mat.

Pumpkin straitened up and joined the class again and Bean impressed me with crawling and climbing abilities.

Heath and Peanut showed up and stole Bean from me then went home to get ready for the next activities and get Peanut some food. After class we joined them. While home I changed and got some dinner cooking for Heath, Peanut and I and made another picknick dinner for Pumpkin. Then Heath took Bean to baby massage and I took Pumpkin and Peanut to soccer practice.


Pumpkin ate her dinner and we watched practice for a while.


Then we got restless and ran over to an extra goal and played. We chased each-other, picked dandelions, blew seeds off dandelions and kicked a soccer ball around. We had a lot of fun and every time I looked over at Peanut he was having fun.


We took our time after practice, playing some more then we raced past the other fields, up the hill and to the car. Peanut will have a game this and every Saturday for the next few weeks at noon.

Once home Peanut got in the shower and Pumpkin in the tub and they both got clean. Then Pumpkin had another snack and a book. Then we brushed teeth and got a drink and Heath got home and put her to bed.

Peanut, Heath and I ate chicken legs and thighs, potatoes and some party leftovers. I was pretty tired and actually got in bed before Peanut but he and Heath were not far behind me.

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