Birthday Dinner

Any guess where we went?

So I picked up the girls and rushed home for jackets, camera and Bean food and then we rushed on to Chuck E Cheese’s for Pumpkin’s family birthday dinner. We beat Heath and Peanut but decided to head on in. Bean rested and Pumpkin checked out the place and played a bit.


Once Heath and Peanut joined us we got a table and ordered Pumpkin’s choice of pizza, drinks and some tokens.


Then we got busy spending tokens.





Once our canadian bacon pizza came we took a break and ate. The kids ate pretty good even with all the stuff going on. Heath thought the pizza was good and I know she is a bit crazy. I still had a pocket full of tokens so we got back to the games.





Chuck came out and took some pictures and tossed lots of free tickets in the air.


He also gave high fives for super excited birthday girls.


We had a few more tokens to spend




Then we cashed in all the tickets we earned/picked up.


Pumpkin had 128 at the end and Peanut had 131. They got some trinkets that probably totaled in about $0.10 and off we went. We just headed down the street for dessert at Krispy Kreme. Heath and I were really excited about doughnut sundaes we found on their site.


It was a perfect dessert for a 3yr old. She loves ice cream, doughnuts and chocolate syrup. Plus we thought Pumpkin would enjoy watching the doughnut machine crank some out.

Our experience fell far short of our expectations. The girl running the cash register was playing on the phone and not paying attention to us when we asked about the sundaes. When she looked up I asked if she had them or ice cream again and she just said “no”. I looked confused and mentioned the website advertising them. She looked at her phone a bit more then asked around and everyone agreed they did not have ice cream of any sort.

We still watched the line a bit and saw a batch get made then another girl came up front and we ordered some donuts and let the kids pick out their own.


Then we headed home to open a few birthday presents from us.



Then we got the kids cleaned up and ready for bed.We went shortly later.


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2 Responses to Birthday Dinner

  1. Lynsey says:

    Oh man! Those donut sundaes look fantastic!

  2. thePrewitt says:

    I know, don’t rub it in. 🙂

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