Okay I know you are all wondering what is going on this week. I’ve got some answers for you and I am sure everyone will be pleased. Except my grandma.

(suspenseful pause)

I’m growing a beard! IMAG0030

It’s not much yet but it’s still exciting. I wish I could flip a switch and be at this point.


But I guess it’s going to take some time and probably won’t be as big as I want by Halloween.

In other news work has been kicking my butt and unfortunately it’s not been fun stuff. Heath has been picking up the slack and making dinner and taking care of the girls wonderfully. So much time has passed i’m not sure what to tell about.

We had dance class and baby massage class on Tuesday, then we watched Snow White and Huntsman.
We watched Jon and Amanda’s girls on Wednesday.
Last night I got home over 2 hours late but we still had a nice dinner on the deck and snuck in an Aldi trip.
(if you like pumpkin in stuff or Halloween/fall stuff in general now is time to go to Aldi they are loaded with some really cool seasonal things)

We have been doing a good job working out in the mornings and getting to bed early. Tomorrow we are hosting a block party and dealing with probably the worst weather forecast possible.

Regardless I’m expecting a good post Monday with lots of good pictures.

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