Block Party

From Friday after work until Saturday early evening most of our time went into block party preparations. The forcast was for strong storms and wind and nothing good for a block party. We decided to move the party off the block and into the garage. So besides getting food and supplies ready we had to clean out the garage and move as much of our junk out of there as we could. We also set up this sweet tarp village in front of the house.

We ended up with a nice amount of space

The party started at 5 and we got a round of burgers and dogs on the grill just before that so we could eat.

The kids dug right in

Heath and I were just starting as the first neighbor showed.It was good we gave ourselves a head start because it was late in the night before we got a chance to sit down and eat again.

In spite of the rain a lot of neighbors showed up to eat and visit

We ended up with a huge table of really good food to snack on, lots of people who had been living in the neighborhood for a long time and lots of relatively newer families with kids like us.

It rained and stopped and the wind blew and it rained some more and stopped and the crowd just moved under the tarps when they needed to and got out when they could. The fire department showed up

because we invited them.They let the kids check out the truck.

Different neighbors came and went through the evening and everyone was really excited Heath got this set up and was really glad to get to meet each other. I think we will make it an annual or at least regular thing now.

Things went so well we ended up staying out partying until 11 with both the big kids and a few of our old and new friends. At the end of the party everyone was exhausted and went to sleep.

We had a good sunday and did some fun stuff beside the block party this weekend too.

Peanut went to a sleepover Friday night but his soccer game Saturday got rained out. Heath took him and Pumpkin to Price Chopper for a free make your own pizza program. Sunday I took them to the park for a long time and let them play a bunch.

Bean seems motivated to climb and has started to work her way up the crib.

So last night I moved the mattress down lower and delayed her climb out for a while.Sunday morning Peanut went to CCD Sunday school stuff and I gave Bean a sink bath. Pumpkin thought it looked like fun and wanted to join.

We made a batch of homemade strawberry icecream with strawberries we had gotten at the farmers market and frozen.

It turned out awesome. We watched the Chiefs game and rested on the couches while we watched. Friday night Stephen and Becky came over after all the kids were in bed to help figure out the canopy stuff and plan the party.

Sunday we also got everything picked up and put away and all the stuff moved back into the garage. We were really worn out this morning and everyone struggled to get out of bed.

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  1. Becky says:

    The block party was a lot of fun and a great success. Thanks for putting it all together!

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