7 Months Old

I know most posts start out this way but we were all rushing from work and school to get to the doctor. Both Pumpkin and Peanut had regular checkups. Heath got there first with Peanut and they got started. The girls and I got there next and we checked in and started filling out the page of things Pumpkin can do.

Lately Pumpkin’s gone from being bad at the doctor to loving it. She knows there is a house to play in and a sucker at the end if she is good and so she has been doing great. On top of that we got to check off every yes on the development sheet for the first time.¬† She got all the questions right. The doc checked out both Peanut and Pumpkin and they were both doing great. They both came in at 50% (average) for height and weight.

After the doctor I threw together a weird dinner of random leftovers and things we needed to get rid of. We split a mini pizza Peanut had made, had several quesadillas filled with beans and chopped up braut burgers, the kids had hot dogs and we had green beans, carrots and tomatoes.

Bean had some green beans, carrots and sweet potatoes. We did not bother with clothes or a bib.

Everyone ate good so we could have leftover party cake and home made strawberry ice cream for dessert.There was a little light left so we headed outside for a 7 month photo shoot. Heath got the basket and blanket  we have used a bunch and set us up.

Pumpkin and I tried to get Bean to smile.

and then we shot some pictures

We had a lot of dishes to do, Peanut had to make a lunch, there was some cleaning and getting things ready for the week.

The kids worked on getting all the babies and elmos and other creatures to bed.

Once we had both girls in bed Heath, Peanut and I went downstairs and did about 30 minutes or so of working out. We all worked up a pretty good sweat. Then Peanut and I went to bed and Heath organized 8 years of Halloween and pumpkin patch pictures before joining us.

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