Another Busy Tuesday

This Tuesday was a lot like the last several. I was running later then normal after a meeting at work and rushed to get the girls and then get Pumpkin to tumbling class. Heath also got out of work late and got Peanut and then we all got home for about 10 minutes before rushing on to Peanut’s soccer practice. We just got him changed and a picknick dinner for Pumpkin packed before going. Pumpkin ate and we watched and Bean crawled around. Then Pumpkin ran arround with another sibling and Heath and I took turns with Bean.We actually took several good pictures but I forgot the camera this morning.

After practice we rushed home to get the kids bathed and ready for bed and we made some quick dinner for Heath and I. We had chipotle sized burritos loaded up with beans, brown rice, canned salmon, fresh cilantro and lots of other things. After dinner we got Pumpkin in bed and the dishes done and Peanut made his lunch for today then it was my bedtime.

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