Family Fun Night


Everyone loves taking family pictures.


Of course not really but with some fruit snacks on standby they do a decent job of pretending.




After getting home, adjusting wardrobes and taking fall pictures we gave the kids some fruit snacks and hopped in the car. We had a groupon that expired yesterday and so we got to go out for a fancy Japanese steakhouse for family fun night.

We were seated right away and as the flat grill got warmed up we got drinks and tested out the utensils.

jap steakhouse 10.17.12

jap steakhouse 10.17.12

We started with salad and then soup.

Then “Nikko Man” came out and the excitement began. He started things off getting the kids laughing and comfortable and shocked us all with a giant fireball on the grill. Even Bean stared strait at him with giant eyes and didn’t move. He made a volcano and flipped some eggs around and the standard other tricks while he cooked us some great fried rice. Then he loaded up the grill with steak, shrimp, scallops, and salmon.

All the food turned out excellent. I think Heath and I each caught 1 of 3 shrimps tossed at our mouths and neither of the kids had the guts to even try. After that we got busy shoveling tasty things in our mouths.

While we ate we spied on the table next to us. Their cheff was probably more talented and knew more English so we got to see some different tricks and understand what he was doing.

Once none us us could eat no more we paid and hit up the bathroom and went out for some more fun. It was cool and windy and getting dark so the park was out of the question. We decided to check out a McDonalds playplace we had never been to. It looked like a good one from the street but google reviews said it was gross inside so we never went.

Once inside we were impressed at how nice and clean it all was. Pumpkin said “ohh I love this guy” and ran in and jumped on his lap.

Bean and Heath joined her.

Then Peanut and Pumpkin disappeared into the mess of colorful tubes and slides.

After a while we had room for ice cream and once the kids saw

they came out of the tubes to visit more often. Eventually we escaped and headed home. We got kids and us ready for bed. I think Heath and Peanut worked on homework for a while. I was beat and near the end of a book and went right to bed to read and sleep.

Family fun night bled over to this morning some with chia loaded M&M pancakes.

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2 Responses to Family Fun Night

  1. Aunt Colleen says:

    Is that the McD’s on state line and @75th? I took Pumpkin to that one and she played for a very long time and ate nuggets all up!

  2. the phone says:

    That is our standard great playplace but this night we were east of 71 on 85th street.

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