The Sisters Are Starting to Play Together


We had two large square Styrofoam containers of Japanese steakhouse leftovers but I was craving vegetables and curry and decided to add to the leftovers. Dinner was ready pretty quick and we all were hungry and ready. Pumpkin ate a ton and everyone else cleaned their plate. After dinner Peanut and I returned a canopy a neighbor loaned us last weekend and picked up a bunch of firewood they wanted to get rid of. While moving the wood we uncovered this little guy.


I don’t really know my snakes but I suspect garter snake.


Or cobra? Peanut and I went with cobra and he told me all about how deadly they are and how special music hypnotizes them. We didn’t try.

Once the wood was home I got the girls.

We loaded up a bunch of activities our Parents as Teachers lady brought for the block party and took them back to the Success by Six center.


While there we decided to play for almost an hour.


Bean is just starting to be active and mobile enough to love this place.


At first she was content having me bring toys over for her to explore.Then she started to venture out.



and show off


It may have had something to do with Pappy putting the coolest toys up high on the foam blocks but I didn’t help her climb up.

Both the girls were a bit grouchy with me when I made them leave but the place was closing for the night and we didn’t have other options. I stuck them in the tub once home and then got them to bed one by one.

Oh remember Heath and Peanut? They had a cub scouts pack meeting and were there still. I didn’t hear much about what went on there.I cleaned the kitchen and made baby food until Heath got home.

We hung out a while then got to bed.





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