Sleepover Party

We started off the weekend with a sleepover party. The sanders family came over and we all played.

We made meatloaf, mashed potatoes and vegetables for dinner and actually got the girls to take a break and eat.

It was quite a process but we eventually got all the girls in bed.

Then we made some margaritas and played some games.

I think everyone slept well and in the morning we made biscuits, gravy and potatoes.



Then we packed up the car and headed to Peanut’s soccer game.


He started out in goal playing the blue team.


The second half he left goalie and came up and scored a goal.



We ended up wining 1-0 but we had a double header and right away we started back up against the yellow team.


We had a good fan turnout for the double header.



Pumpkin and Peanut’s brother had a great time snacking and playing and Bean watched for a while from the stroller then got down to crawl or be passed around the fans.


We ended up losing the second game and Peanut spent the end of the game in goal.


This was supposed to be the last game so the coach gave out medals.


However we had 1 rain out game and 1 team that didn’t show up so we play 1 or two more games next week.


We were starving after the game and both the Grandma’s, Mike, Septembra, Rafael, Bean, Pumpkin, Heath and I went to Chic-fil-a for lunch.

After lunch we went home for a few minutes with Heath’s mom and sister. We moved our front swingset to the backyard. Then we headed to Mike’s. He got a new tv and wanted to get rid of his old tv.

We hung out for a bit then wrestled the 61 inch monster into the van. It’s got some issues but hopefully I can get it working good and it will be quite a bit bigger then our current 42 inch one.

Once home Heath made some guac and I ran to the store for a couple things then we headed next door for my cousin Rachel’s birthday party.

She had a crawfish boil and lots of tasty food. We ate and Pumpkin ate a little but mostly worked on making a friend. It had been a long day after a short night so we headed out early and got the girls in bed. Heath had some stuff to get ready for a party Sunday and once done we got our second wind and headed back over with the baby monitor.

We had some drinks and joined in a game of Cards against humanity.

It was a lot of fun and then we headed home for bed. Everyone slept in pretty good but Bean got us going. Once up we jumped into action. We had breakfast then Heath got busy cleaning and preparing in the kitchen. I hopped on the roof and got after the chimney.


I had a winter’s worth of suit in both the upstairs and downstairs chimney and I got my brushes and cleaned them out.


It went really well.  While I was up there I went ahead and cleared out the gutters before getting down. Then it was time to weather treat the deck. I moved all the furnature to one side and then sprayed all the rails. Once they were done Heath came out to help and I sprayed the floor and she spread it with a roller. Even though we are not done it looks so much better already.

Once it was coated and drying we came inside and made some lunch.

Pumpkin had leftover stuff from Saturday and Heath and I had some awesome sandwiches.

After lunch we got the girls down for naps and Heath and I did the last bit of prepping and cleanup. Then I headed out back to move wood until Pumpkin woke up.


Heath got all ready for her party. The plan was for me and Pumpkin to go adventuring when she got up and leave the house for Heath’s party. Instead the party got canceled last minute and instead we all went adventuring.


We loaded everyone up in the van and headed to minor park. We started out at the playground.



Then we backpacked the girls and headed toward the old red bridge.



We all thought the old bridge was pretty cool and Pumpkin wanted to get down to explore it.


We went over the bridge and watched a train zip past then checked out part of the Santa fe trail. I’m pretty sure we stood in the wheel ruts.


We never really followed much of a trail but just kind of wondered around an area along the blue river we were not that familiar with.



My stomach was really growling so we headed home and stuck Pumpkin in the tub. I got dinner going then hopped in the shower and Heath took over for me. We ate dinner on the couch by the tv and had lots of dinner and then lots of dessert.

We all read a few books together and then got Pumpkin in bed. Bean was wide awake so we worked on the tv and some other projects before she got tired and we went to bed.

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