Hop on Pop

Our parents as teacher lady was coming so we hurried home from school and work and got dinner started. We made pasta and broccoli and garlic bread. It went pretty quick and we had some time to playbefore she got there. Pumpkin rode her bike some. Then asked for some help climbing a tree.

We climbed a couple trees then went back to the bike. 

Heath and lily were inside building a cabin

Bean is determined to always be climbing up stuff to sand now.

She curls her toes up so it does not look real comfortable but she does not mind and sometimes will take a few steps along the edge to get to something she wants.

Heath and Bean came out side to play with us. Shortly later our PAT lady showed up and we decided to stay outside a while. We laid a blanket to slow Bean down from trying to eat the grass and Amiee brought some cool toys for both of the girls.

10-22-12 parents as teachers visit

They both really liked the toys and watching and listening to Amiee.

10-22-12 parents as teachers visit

We played until Pumpkin told us she was really hungry and wanted to eat.

10-22-12 parents as teachers visit

Then we all moved to the table and talked and ate. Pumpkin was on the ball and got everything right when she was asked about numbers and colors and other things.

Dinner was not bad and we ate a bunch and talked a bunch. Amiee talked with the girls some more and looked over some books and stuff before she headed out and we started the bedtime routine. Pumpkin got a bath and didn’t want to get out so we did a book in the tub. Since she was in the tub I got to pick out the book and we didn’t read about Disney princesses!

We had really fun reading this book and she surprised me at how well she could rhyme. After bath and pajamas and clean teeth we read the same book again so she could show mom off how good she was at rhyming. She did even better the second time but memory helped a lot this time.

One the girls were down I was unsure of what to do. I wanted to get the deck ready for weather treating the other side but the ipad said 75% chance of rain last night so I canceled the plan. Heath got busy doing work work and I took a look at the tv we got from Mike trying to figure out what is going on with it.





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