10 Min Break


Pretty standard Tuesday night. I got the girls from school and gave Pumpkin a tortilla with some peanut butter and honey on it and we headed to tumbling class. We hit up the bathroom just in case so she would not need to once class started then she got busy somersaulting, dancing and watching from her carpet square.

10.23.12 dance class

She is the short one in the white shirt in this blurry picture. Peanut had soccer practice also but we let his dad take him without us. Heath showed up to dance class and watched Bean while I ran home and grabbed a few things. Once dace was over we drove a block over and parked at the school where baby massage is.

We had about 10 minutes of time to kill before massage class so hit up the playground.


Heath and Bean did some swinging


And Pumpkin sold us some macaroni and cheese.


Then we played on the slide




We worked our way to the other end of the school and headed inside. Pumpkin went off with the big kids to play and eat cheese pizza with her friends. Bean came with us to baby massage.


We sat around in a circle and talked quietly and calmly. We laid some blankets out and the oil and tried to keep the babies calm. Bean was not into that and just wanted to crawl, climb, meet other babies and find toys to taste.

None of the kids (and most of the parents) seem to be really into it beside the teacher. We chased Bean around and tried to massage her but Heath ended up taking her to the next room to feed her for most of the class. The class is pretty good though because Pumpkin gets to play and have a blast and we get to hang out with some other parents like us and talk and once the massage is done we eat pizza and salad and just hang out.

Jon and Amanda sat next to us and we all hung out and ate for quite a while before going to retrieve our other girls and get them out of there. Heath took our girls home and I headed to Home Depot. Bean fell asleep on the way home and Pumpkin got a bath and book and the rest of bedtime routine and went to sleep.

Then Heath and I moved all the furniture to the newly treated side of the deck and coated the other side in tinted weather treatment.


It was dark but we had the lights above the deck and a flashlight to help. Once we had a nice coat down we cleaned up and blocked Berry from getting up. Heath did some work on the laptop and I got some wood stuff ready for the morning.

Alex came over from next door to look at the new TV with me and help get me some ideas and stuff. I’ll have to take some pictures and describe the problem sometime. Once he left I finished up building a brace thing for the wood shed and then got in bed so I could get a load of wood moved early this morning.


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