Date Night: Tennis and Picnic

cooling off after tennis domination

After work I dropped the girls with Amanda, Alli and Kate and headed home to get changed and made some sandwiches. Heath joined me and dug up our old tennis equipment then off we went. Our first stop was QuickTrip to treat ourselves to some giant 52oz drinks.

I love tea and I love giant cups so this was a fun for me.

Then we went to Center Middle school where Peanut plays soccer and we grabbed a really nice tennis court.


We hit the ball around a bit to warm up and realized we are terrible at tennis. We nearly gave up but decided to play a game anyway and discussed the rules as far as we could remember. Mostly we just used Pumpkin ball rules. Once playing real games/matches we got a lot better and had some good volleys and lots of fun. We never even hit the ball past the fences and out of the court so that’s pretty good for us.


We played 7 times and then decided to call it. There was a trial and some benches in the nearby woods so we checked it out and explored the area a bit before heading out. We thought about getting a beer at a bar but decided to try to make date night pretty frugal and instead hit up Gomers Liquor store for a fancy beer to drink.

We picked out a 6 pack of Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout.


We could not figure out where to have our picnic and it was pretty windy out so we decided to head home and sit at our breakfast nook in the garage, right by the door.

This worked great, we had a nice view and a comfortable spot to eat and drink.


We spent the rest of date night hanging out at the table talking and planning and such. Before the girls bedtime we headed to Jon and Amanda’s. We talked for a while then took the girls home and got them ready and in bed. After they were down we ordered some mini photo books and then I made a 8×8 pan of shepherds pie for tonight’s dinner.

This morning the last of the wood got loaded in the wood shed just before the rain came. The shed is packed full but it was too dark to get a decent picture. I’ve still got quite a bit of seasoned wood stacked along the fence but it won’t fit and I don’t expect to need it this year.

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