Center 35, Odessa 25

Heath had parent teacher conferences for Peanut after work then picked up Peanut and his friend Triston and brought them home. The girls and I got dinner ready and Pumpkin got the table set making sure that Triston was sitting between her and Peanut.

We had shepards pie for dinner and it was good but pretty bland for me. Once we got everyone calmed down and eating it was fairly late. After dinner we rushed to find hats and gloves and warm clothes. The day before I was sweating in shorts and a T-shirt but last night it was cold. Then we went to Center High school’s 1st playoff football game this season.

We were walking in during the national anthem

Then got some good seats. Unfortunately the wind was blowing right into the stands and it was cold.

(don’t miss crazy fan in the background, he broke down and wrapped a blanket around himself after the first quarter)

Just about every day going and coming to school we drive past the Center practice field and Pumpkin asks about the Chiefs playing soccer out there. It’s still pretty confusing for her but I think she gets that football and soccer are different now and the Chiefs are red and the Yellowjackets are blue and yellow. She asks every night if we can go watch a game so last night we did.

And she loved it. She was not dressed nearly as warm as Heather or the boys but she never mentioned the cold once. She cheered and clapped and asked about what was going on and did a lot of dancing and following along with the cheerleaders.

She was really cute and wants to get some pompoms now. She was moving around so much I didn’t really get any good pictures of her but I tried.


The kids all got hot chocolate and some snacks and the boys behaved for a while. Bean was super observant at first.  Then she got tired and cranky so I faced her in on the front pack and put a blanket over her and she fell right to sleep.

Center started out not looking good and had some bad plays but then picked it up and going into half time they got up 14-13. We saw several really exciting plays. We stayed for the band performance at half time before going home. 10-25-2012 Center high football

Pumpkin still danced and watched really impressed. Once they finished and the teams came out we headed home. Pumpkin was fine but the rest of us were cold and ready to warm up.

Once home we got the girls to bed first and then started working on the boys. We made a big floor bed for them on Peanut’s floor and let them watch movies on the ipad. Heath and I laid down and planned to check on them but as far as I know we fell right to sleep.

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