On the Go


We started burning this weekend.

The house was at 60F Saturday morning so Sunday morning we started burning wood in the stove and things heated right up.

As you probably saw in my earlier post Friday after work we rushed to get fancy pants on then headed to nice backdrops.


It was cold and a little windy and the sun wanted to set so we rushed around dragging lots of gear and kids.


Candy really helped things out. Once it was too dark to shoot anymore we headed home and got dinner and stuff. Saturday morning we worked on the house and random projects and actually got a lot done before Peanut’s soccer game. We got most of our Halloween costumes ready.


Then we went to the game.



It was cold and we bundled up and had fun watching.



After the game we had a pizza party and we all went and stuffed our faces and thanked the coach. After pizza the girls went to sleep and Heath and Peanut played some board games and I ran up to the soccer field to retrieve an extra vehicle but didn’t bring my keys so ran back.

Then Heath got dressed up and she and Amanda went to the Intercontinental roof top bar with some VIP passes I got at work.


Once the girls woke up we packed up nearly everything we own and went to Jon’s. We loaded up his girls then went to the water fire show on the plaza.


5 kids in the cold at bedtime was a handful for Jon and I and I didn’t notice the auto focus was turned off on the camera most of the night.We got an okay spot on the bridge and the kids snacked and complained and we waited a while for the show to begin.


Then their were some speeches and they began lighting the fires. It took a while before they got to our side.



Then the fires were lit and Jon and I could see the top part of people on stage singing and stuff but the kids could not really see anything and they were not super excited about the fires.


So we left the bridge and wondered around. We quickly figured out this was not a great show for kids and babies. It was packed with people and I imagine some cool performances and stuff were going on but we could not really see them. So we headed out. It was a bit of a hike back to the car and I asked if anyone had any fun.Pumpkin and Alli said they did and I asked what the best part was.



We took Jon and his girls home and then went and got my girls in bed. Heath and Amanda meanwhile had a wonderful time sipping cocktails and eating appetizers and having a great view of everything from a nice warm window.

Heath came home and we were both hungry so I fried up some sweet potatoes, pork chops and warmed some peas. We had a great late dinner and a bit of wine before bed.

Sunday morning I got up and started cooking steak and eggs and potatoes for breakfast. Peanut ate first then went to sunday school. The rest of us finished eating and getting dressed then went to Aldi for groceries.  Then Peanut came home and we ate some pasta salad for lunch. Then the kids and Heath made some sugar cookies.


After naps and baths we headed to the Louisburg Cider Mill.  IMG_4960

We checked out the cider making machines.


A little band


and got some donuts.


Then we met up with Peanut’s scouts den and ran all over the place.








We already had plenty of pumpkins so we just played and then headed on. The next stop was Heath’s cousin’s confirmation bonfire party.




We had some drinks, chili, hot dogs and smores.


Then we rushed on to the next thing. Pumpkin and Bean fell asleep on the way home from Louisburg. So Heath, Peanut and I got our costumes on and then got the girls ready and we headed to a party down the street.


I had intended to get some fun family Halloween shots but this one of Monkey Bean and Heath’s viking arm is all I got. We went to the party and had some mummy dogs and pumpkin pie and the cookies we made earlier. There were some other kids for our to play with but everyone was about worn out.

We headed home in the dark and quickly got everyone ready for bed. The whole house was dark and quiet by 9.


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