Happy Halloween


I know I missed my post yesterday It was a busy day. Before I get into it though check out the cute monkey and fearsome viking.

What a happy lion!


Also this soldier that became a pirate and this sexy she-viking.

Monday night my radio station held a big fancy celebration to honor our general manager that just retried and our new general manager that took over. Once home from work Heath and I put on our fancy pants (looked super hot) ate a quick dinner with the kids then went to the event while Jendra watched the kiddos. We hit up the open bar, snacked a bit (almost everything was loaded with nuts so I didn’t get much) and talked to staff, volunteers, members etc.

Then there was a program with videos speaches and 3 different bands. It was a lot of fun. Afterwords we got some drinks with coworkers. Jendra got the kids in bed and bathed and stuff.

Yesterday morning I had to rush to get ready and go setup for a remote broadcast.

My seat is just to the left of this shot.  Our host talked with two political guys with opposite views about all the election stuff going on.

The broadcast took out a chunk of my day and I never got caught up enough to post.

After work we rushed to get our costumes on then headed to a Trunk or Treat at Centers alternative school.


It was great and everyone loved our costumes. We started out making the loop getting candy from the trunks.

 IMAG0127  IMAG0126  IMAG0124  IMAG0136

Then we did some crafts like making spiders and aliens.


then we hit up the face painting table.

 IMAG0133  IMAG0135

Peanut became a pirate and Pumpkin got a heart.

 IMAG0134  IMAG0139

Then we took a break and ate hot dogs, chips, hot chocolate and maybe a little candy. Once the kids were fed we we played some games tossing bean bags and stuff. Peanut won a can of silly string.Then he and Heath sped off to get him to a scouts meeting and feed Bean and Pumpkin and I did a hay ride and checked out the inflatable haunted house. On our way out we said hi to the fire department and Pumpkin hopped on the truck.


Once home we got the girls in baths and Heath and I had turkey dogs and some other dinner. We got the girls in pajamas and then cousin/neighbor Rachel came over. Heath and I put back on fancy pants and left the girls playing legos to head to the Kauffman Center.


We had won free tickets to David Sedaris that afternoon and were lucky to get a sitter on such short notice. We got there just in time to take our seats right in the middle of the 5th row. The show was really funny and kind of surprising. We laughed the whole time.

The kids were in bed and asleep when we got home. We visited a bit then rushed off to bed so we could get up early and get ready for tonight. We are headed to the Brookside shops again for some trick or treating after work. Then we will have a bonfire in the driveway and give out candy. Feel free to join us.








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